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Acumen Wealth approached UNIQ agency to create a brand from scratch for their innovative wealth financial planning business. Understanding that their clients' lives come first, Acumen Wealth desired a brand identity that would resonate with their target audience and convey their core beliefs. This case study explores the branding project undertaken by UNIQ agency, including discovery, brand positioning, target audience analysis, logo design, and brand identity development.

Phase 1: Discovery

The UNIQ agency started by immersing themselves in Acumen Wealth's world to understand their values, unique selling points, and target market. Comprehensive research was conducted to gain insights into the competitive landscape and the preferences of Acumen Wealth's target audience. Through workshops and interviews with Acumen Wealth's team, the agency identified the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis), laying the foundation for the brand's messaging and positioning strategy.

Phase 2: Brand Positioning

With a clear understanding of Acumen Wealth's target audience and unique value proposition, the UNIQ agency crafted a brand positioning strategy that communicated their core beliefs and differentiated them from traditional financial planners. The positioning focused on Acumen Wealth's outcomes-based financial planning approach, their commitment to charging clients fairly, and their efficient use of time to work towards clients' goals.

Phase 3: Target Audience Analysis

The UNIQ agency conducted an in-depth analysis of Acumen Wealth's target audience, identifying their demographics, psychographics, and key pain points. This information was used to tailor the brand messaging and visual identity to resonate with the target audience, ensuring that Acumen Wealth's brand would effectively attract and engage potential clients.

Phase 4: Logo Design

Working closely with Acumen Wealth, the UNIQ agency designed a distinctive logo that embodied the company's core beliefs and innovative approach to financial planning. The chosen logo communicated a sense of trust, professionalism, and innovation, setting Acumen Wealth apart from traditional financial planning firms.

Phase 5: Brand Identity Development

With a strong logo in place, the UNIQ agency proceeded to develop Acumen Wealth's comprehensive brand identity. This included designing a color palette, typography, and iconography that aligned with the company's values and target audience preferences. The new visual identity was applied across all brand touchpoints, including the website, stationery, social media, and marketing collateral.


The branding project completed by UNIQ agency for Acumen Wealth resulted in a compelling brand identity that effectively communicated the company's innovative approach to financial planning and their commitment to putting clients' lives first. By focusing on discovery, brand positioning, target audience analysis, logo design, and brand identity development, the UNIQ agency successfully crafted a brand that resonated with Acumen Wealth's target audience, setting the stage for the company's growth and success in the financial planning industry.