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UNIQ Agency had the opportunity to work with Hannah Eagle, a personal training company based in Bicester, which exclusively provides a private personal training studio to women. Hannah Eagle's approach to personal training emphasises an engaging and social experience, helping clients feel better about themselves. In this case study, we outline the six-step process we followed to create their website using Webflow, a powerful web design platform. We'll discuss how our website design and development services helped Hannah Eagle establish a strong online presence and achieve their objectives.

Project Overview

Hannah Eagle required a website that highlighted their unique approach to personal training and their dedication to creating a supportive, engaging, and exclusive environment for women. The main goal of the project was to develop an eye-catching, user-friendly, and responsive website that would help the company attract new clients and showcase their range of services.

The Six-Step Process

1. Discovery

During the discovery phase, we met with the Hannah Eagle team to gain insight into their business, objectives, target audience, and branding. We also conducted a comprehensive analysis of their competitors and identified opportunities for differentiation. This information allowed us to create a strategic plan for the website, ensuring it would effectively communicate the company's values and expertise.

2. Sitemap Design

With a clear understanding of Hannah Eagle's goals and audience, we designed an intuitive sitemap that organised the website's structure. This blueprint ensured seamless navigation between pages and enabled users to easily find the information they were seeking.

3. Wireframing

In the wireframing stage, we created a visual representation of the website's layout, focusing on functionality, usability, and organisation. This process enabled us to fine-tune the user experience before moving on to the design phase, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience for Hannah Eagle's clients.

4. Copywriting

Effective copywriting is crucial for communicating the value of a company's offerings and engaging potential clients. Our team crafted compelling, concise, and persuasive copy that highlighted Hannah Eagle's expertise in personal training and showcased their commitment to providing a supportive and exclusive environment for women.

5. Designing

Armed with a well-defined sitemap, wireframes, and copy, we moved on to the design phase. Our designers created a visually appealing website that embodied Hannah Eagle's brand identity, using colors, typography, and images that conveyed a sense of empowerment, wellness, and support. The design effectively showcased the company's services and provided an engaging, user-friendly experience.

6. Webflow Development

We chose Webflow as our development platform because of its flexibility, ease of use, and ability to create responsive designs that adapt to various devices and screen sizes. Our team built the website using Webflow's powerful tools, ensuring it was fully optimised for speed, performance, and search engine visibility.


Hannah Eagle's new website exceeded their expectations, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly platform for showcasing their personal training services. The site's intuitive navigation, engaging content, and responsive design have resulted in increased traffic, higher user engagement, and a steady stream of new clients.


Our six-step process for website design and development enabled us to create a stunning and effective website for Hannah Eagle. By focusing on strategic planning, user experience, and high-quality design, we helped this personal training company establish a strong online presence and attract new clients. Hannah Eagle is now better positioned to stand out in the competitive fitness market and continue to grow their business.

Next Steps

We're proud of the results we achieved for Hannah Eagle, and we're confident that our approach can help other businesses succeed online too. If you're interested in learning more about our website design and development services, or if you'd like to discuss how we can help you reach your digital marketing goals, we invite you to schedule a discovery call with our team.

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