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In a packed marketplace, getting noticed by new customers can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Lead Generation services that win clients

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Make it easy for customers to find you online and get the attention you deserve.


Connect with your ideal audience and start building relationships that matter.


Bring your products or services to life and let your customers see what sets you apart.


Share your brand with other businesses and make lasting connections in your industry.


Find leads on the fastest growing social media platform.
Our Process

A Three-Step Strategy to Increase Your Sales

Step 1 - Tailored Campaigns

We craft customised marketing campaigns that speak directly to your target audience, making every enquiry a potential sale.

Step  2 - Precision Targeting & AI

Using the latest in digital marketing technology, we ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Step 3 -  Growth Support

We don’t just deliver leads; we’re with you every step of the way to ensure those leads turn into sales, guaranteeing your business starts growing again.

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Don't let your potential customers pass you by. With UNIQ, you’re not just getting enquiries; you're setting your sales on a path of continuous growth.
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UNIQ have exceeded our expectations in every way and have been instrumental in the growth and success of our business. From the outset, the team at UNIQ demonstrated an unwavering commitment to understanding our brand, our target audience, and our goals.

Stephen Thorns
Managing Director

They've been our digital marketing superheroes, increasing our brand awareness and generating marketing and sales leads like nobody's business. But wait, there's more! UNIQ's talented team has not only made our website shine but has also supported our business with enchanting video content creation and brand photography.

Angela Hunt
Business Manager

Working with the UNIQ Agency has been a fantastic experience over the past five years. Their warm and approachable team has helped our business excel on a global scale with top-notch services like website design, branding, marketing strategy, and lead generation.

Arjan van Dijk
VP Strategy & Sales

Need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does UNIQ offer?

UNIQ specialises in digital lead generation tailored for both B2B and B2C sectors. Our services include campaign setup, optimisation, and performance reporting, with options for creative design and strategy sessions. We focus on generating leads through various digital paid ads channels.

Can UNIQ help my business if we're new to digital lead generation?

Absolutely. Our Starter Package is specifically designed for new or small businesses embarking on digital lead generation. It provides a focused entry point with campaign setup on one platform, monthly optimisation, and basic performance reporting, making digital lead generation accessible and manageable.

What makes UNIQ different from other lead generation agencies?

UNIQ stands out through our deep industry focus, personal relationships, and adaptability. We foster strong connections with our clients, understanding their unique values and integrating deeply with their business goals.

Our campaigns are highly flexible, adapting to market trends and client needs to ensure the effectiveness of lead generation efforts.

How does UNIQ ensure the effectiveness of its lead generation campaigns?

We implement biweekly Zoom touch points for campaign reflection and feedback, develop strategies to mitigate risks associated with client staff changes, and continuously validate and adjust our offerings based on client feedback and competitive analysis.

This client-centric approach ensures our campaigns remain effective and aligned with your business goals.

What are UNIQ's pricing packages?

UNIQ offers three main packages: Starter, Growth, and Premium, catering to different stages of business growth. Each package includes a set of services tailored to enhance your digital lead generation efforts, with transparent pricing for ease of budgeting.

Additional support options are available to further support your strategic growth efforts.

How can I choose the right package for my business?

Our team can assist you in selecting the most suitable package based on your business size, goals, and budget. During a discovery call, we'll discuss your specific needs and recommend a package that aligns with your objectives, ensuring you receive the most value from our services.

How does UNIQ handle client feedback and engagement?

Client feedback is integral to our process. We conduct biweekly or weekly meetings to review campaign performance, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments. This ongoing dialogue ensures that our strategies remain aligned with your business objectives and can evolve with your needs.

What is UNIQ's approach to new trends and competition in the market?

We continuously monitor market trends and competitive landscapes to ensure our campaigns are innovative and effective. Our adaptability and industry expertise enable us to refine our strategies, ensuring your business stays ahead in a competitive and ever-changing market.

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Rated 5 Stars on google