The Paradox of Low Social Media Followers for Businesses—Why Less Might Actually Be More

Let's be honest: social media platforms were not designed for businesses to pitch their products or services. They were designed for people to interact, be entertained, and, yes, occasionally procrastinate. Businesses just happen to be the happy by-products that have found a way to use these platfor
Published on
September 21, 2023

Hello there, marketing enthusiasts and business owners! If you've ever peeked at your social media analytics and felt a twinge of disappointment at the modest number of followers, you're not alone. Businesses across platforms—whether it's YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook—often find themselves caught in the numbers game.

In today's blog, we’re going to dig deep into why having a smaller following on social media could actually be a sign that you're doing something right. Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

The Social Media Mirage: Why Bigger Isn't Always Better

Let's be honest: social media platforms were not designed for businesses to pitch their products or services. They were designed for people to interact, be entertained, and, yes, occasionally procrastinate. Businesses just happen to be the happy by-products that have found a way to use these platforms to reach out to potential customers.

Social media is all about entertainment value, and if your business isn't in the field of comedy, awe-inspiring visuals, or meme generation, then the unfortunate truth is that many people aren't going to care about your channel, regardless of how valuable your content might be.

The "Problem-Solving" Conundrum

Most businesses aim to solve a specific problem for their target audience. You craft content that provides solutions, but once your audience finds their answers, they leave—no strings attached. They may like your video, perhaps even share it, but they aren't sticking around. The nature of your content simply doesn't warrant it.

In contrast, entertainment channels keep viewers coming back for more laughs, astonishments, or heartfelt stories. For business channels to amass significant followers, they usually have to either entertain like there's no tomorrow or directly appeal to the viewer's wallet.

The Golden Niches: Passion and Profit

Companies that buck this trend often fall into two categories: they either solve problems that directly help people make money, or they tap into a deep-seated passion that people have. Educational platforms that solve issues directly tied to these categories tend to have a leg up when it comes to viewer engagement.

The Hidden Beauty of a Smaller Following

While having a large following can indeed boost your social proof, you may not actually need it. Remember, the key objective is not to accumulate followers but to look credible to your ideal customers. A professionally executed video, laden with high-quality content and insightful solutions, makes you appear as an expert. When prospective clients see you as an authority in your field, the natural next step is to reach out and do business with you.

The True Value of Social Media for Businesses

Your real hot leads won't necessarily be amongst your subscribers or followers. The people genuinely interested in your services are more likely to engage directly and swiftly. These are the folks who confirm your expertise and reach out, typically bypassing the 'Subscribe' button altogether. The ones who do subscribe are often either competitors fishing for insights or bargain hunters waiting for you to announce a sale.

Conclusion and Next Steps

A small following isn't a sign of failure; it could actually indicate a targeted, effective approach to establishing your credibility and expertise. So don't fret about the numbers game. Instead, focus on generating high-quality content that answers key questions for your prospective clients. Adhere to professional standards in all that you create because, ultimately, that's what your prospective clients expect from a company they're planning to invest in.

For those in need of expert help, our team at Uniq Agency specialises in generating world-class content designed to set you apart from your competitors. Our team of copywriters and video designers can deliver tailored solutions in less than 48 hours.

So, keep those videos coming, and let the quality of your content be the true measure of your success.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Happy marketing!

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