The Cost of Hiring Design Talent in the UK & The Genius Solution You Haven't Considered

Design in business isn't just about aesthetics; it's about communication, branding, and driving conversions. But recruiting the ideal creative mind to bring your vision to life? That can be an expensive and tiresome affair.
Published on
August 16, 2023

Design in business isn't just about aesthetics; it's about communication, branding, and driving conversions. But recruiting the ideal creative mind to bring your vision to life? That can be an expensive and tiresome affair.

The Real Cost of Hiring a Design Professional in the UK

Hiring a top-notch design professional in the UK doesn't just involve a hefty salary. There's the cumbersome recruitment process to begin with. The cost of advertising, the time taken in interviews, and using up in-house resources, it all aggregates to a significant figure. By the time you find that skilled design lead, you’re already looking at a starting figure around £60,000. And let’s not even begin on the price tags attached to the state-of-the-art design tools they'll require.

The Domino Effect of Growing Your Design Team

One might think, “Alright, the lead designer is a cost, but we can manage junior designers with smaller paychecks.” But can you really? Suppose you wish to prevent your lead designer from burnout, or perhaps you aim to expand your design team. Now, consider hiring two junior designers, each at an average salary of £30,000. Suddenly, your expenses have doubled!

Then come the not-so-obvious expenses: the software subscriptions, the incentives to ensure your staff stays, continuous training, and more. The list seems endless, and the total cost? Overwhelming, to say the least.

The Genius Solution: UNIQ Agency's Unlimited Designs Subscription

Just when you think you're caught in a perpetual cycle of recruitment and overheads, there emerges a beacon of hope: The UNIQ Agency's Unlimited Designs Subscription. With this innovative solution, the financial burden on your shoulders lightens dramatically.

Here's the magic: You gain access to a reservoir of top-tier UK design professionals without the exorbitant price tag. The subscription model ensures that you only pay for what you need, without any hidden or escalating costs. Say goodbye to the struggles of maintaining an in-house team and juggling their various requirements. With UNIQ Agency, you tap into unlimited, premium quality designs, tailor-made to fit your brand's unique essence.

Moreover, the talent pool isn’t just vast; it’s elite. UNIQ Agency prides itself on housing the best design talents in the UK, ensuring that every project is treated with unparalleled expertise and care.


If your brand craves top-tier design, but the associated costs and complexities are a deterrent, it’s time for a paradigm shift. Don't compromise on your brand's potential due to financial constraints. Instead, embrace the future of design services with UNIQ Agency's Unlimited Designs Subscription.

Experience the brilliance of limitless creativity. Dive into a world where high-quality design meets affordability. Reach out to UNIQ Agency today. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Introducing Unlimited Designs

Discover a new era of unlimited potential with UNIQ Agency's Unlimited Design Subscription.

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