Skyrocketing Instagram Reels Engagement: The Game-changing Strategies

Discover game-changing strategies to skyrocket your Instagram Reels engagement. Dive into the power of Quote Reels and the art of crafting the perfect hook for your video content.
Published on
October 11, 2023

Instagram is a dynamic platform that never ceases to evolve. Among its newest features, the Instagram Reels stands out as an undisputed star. This has been bolstered by the current situation where Instagram and TikTok are competing fiercely. And, in this game of short video content, if you're using Reels, Instagram is on your side.

In this article, we delve deep into two powerful tactics to significantly increase your Reels views - anywhere from 10,000 to a striking 100,000 in a mere 24 hours!

1. The Power of Reels

The daily user base on Instagram is overwhelming, with a staggering 91% engaging with videos. Interestingly, videos have managed to surpass images and carousel posts in terms of user engagement. However, what might astonish many is that Reels tend to get even more engagement than traditional Instagram videos.

To put things in perspective, giants like the NFL and NBA reported a 67% and 43% surge in engagement respectively when they juxtaposed their Reels views with IGTV views. The trend isn’t limited to them; this engagement spike is almost a universal phenomenon across Instagram.

2. Quote Reels - The Underrated Gem

One might wonder, "How do I maximise my Reels’ views?" Well, the first step is to get more plays, not just from unique users, but repeated plays. The logic is simple: more plays signify the content's value to the Instagram algorithm, thus making it more likely to be recommended to other users.

Now, one brilliant way to maximise plays is through 'Quote Reels'. A quote reel is essentially an image of a tweet or a quote portrayed as a video. Those accustomed to posting images should make a swift shift to Reels. For instance, a quick look at Alex Hermozi's Instagram reveals a complete absence of static images, and all his content is in Reels format. It can't possibly be mere coincidence, can it?

The true beauty of Quote Reels lies in its looping mechanism. As viewers read and possibly ponder upon the quote, the video continues to loop seamlessly, thereby accumulating more views. It's vital to ensure the length remains between 2 to 3 seconds to keep the loop unnoticed. Creating them is fairly straightforward: find a suitable background, adjust the quote on it, and voila – your quote reel is ready!

It's important to note that the background, whether an image or a looping video, should be non-distracting and subtle, like flowing water or rain.

3. Making Video Reels - The Rebel's Choice

For those who favour videos, there's a crucial trick to master: present the crux or the 'punchline' within the first 5 seconds. With innumerable content vying for viewers' attention, one needs to assure them right at the onset of the value they'd derive from the video.

Dropping a hook, or a compelling introduction, is the key. Engage them without resorting to cliched phrases like "watch till the end". The focus should invariably be on the audience. Phrases structured around 'You' inherently draw attention as they address the viewers directly. This not only grasps their attention but also fosters trust and authenticity.

If you've achieved something remarkable, say for example, "This is how you can make 50K in sales this month." and then guide the viewer on how they can replicate your success.

In Conclusion

The world of Instagram is vast, but with the right strategies, one can indeed stand out. Utilising quote reels, especially ones that are insightful, can immensely boost your views. Additionally, mastering the art of the hook in video reels ensures consistent viewer engagement.

In a nutshell, keep it short, focus on the viewer, and you're bound for Instagram success. If you have other innovative strategies up your sleeve, do share. The digital realm thrives on shared wisdom!

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