Everything you need to know about FB Groups for Business

Building your brand awareness can be easy when you use FB groups for your business. But first, you’ll need to know these Facebook Group best practices.
Published on
March 9, 2023

When strengthening relationships on Social media, Facebook groups are becoming the preferred choice for businesses. Why? Facebook groups are an efficient way of building a closer bond between you and your followers, but only when done correctly! This article covers everything you need to know about FB groups for business, from creation to management.

Facebook group or page, which is better?

One of the most common arguments against FB groups for business is that a Facebook page is pretty much the same thing, wrong! Here are just some of the benefits of having a Facebook Group.

  1. Higher Engagement: In 2022, the average engagement on Facebook across all industries was 0.064%. That means growing a Facebook page organically is hard! A group activity rate of 70% isn’t uncommon; seven out of ten group members will perform group actions like commenting, creating posts, and sharing regularly. Facebook prioritizes groups in the news feed over business pages, which means more eyes on your brand and potential customers. 
  1. Exclusivity Sells: One of the most incredible things about having a FB group for your business is that you can set it to private. With a private group, unlike your Facebook pages, users would have to join your group before they can see your content or comment. Fear of missing out(FOMO) is a powerful marketing tool, and you’ll find many people eager to join your exclusive group. 
  1. Community Building: With a page, you will have a lot of followers who aren’t that interested in your brand. But if you have a Facebook group for your business, you’ll find that most members are very interested in your company and far more likely to purchase from you. With this closer community, you can keep in more regular communication, strengthen that relationship and generate leads/sales with minimal work. 
  1. More Feedback: Some people don’t like to give feedback publicly or your page might be so large that they feel you won’t see their comments. Groups resolve these issues, encouraging your audience to open up more and provide honest, valuable feedback to your company.  

Creating a Facebook Group For a Business

You can easily create a Facebook group for your page in a few steps.

Step 1:Go to your page settings and select the ‘Templates and Tabs’ option.

Step 2: Make sure that the toggle option for ‘Groups’ is switched on. 

Step 3: As an administrator, go to your page. Select the ‘More’ option from the page menu and go to ‘Groups.’

Step 4: In the groups tab, you can select the option to ‘Create a group’.

Step 5: A group creation form will pop up, and you will need to fill out the information required.

Choosing the right Facebook Group name for your business

The first field is your group name when filling out the Group creation form. Your group name is critical, and you should think hard and choose a group name that:

  1. That resonates with your target audience.
  2. It makes it clear what your group is all about.
  3. It contains keywords with high search volume.
  4. It isn’t similar to any bigger groups that already exist.
  5. It is easy to remember. 

Facebook Group Privacy Settings for Businesses

In terms of privacy, you have two options:

  1. Private: Private groups are an excellent choice for businesses because it gives you maximum control over the group. When users apply to join, you can even have screening questions, giving you complete control over the audience, stopping spam bots and keeping it niche-focused.
  2. Public: Any Facebook user who searches for groups can find yours and join with public groups; this will increase the speed at which people join, but makes it much more difficult to moderate and control. On top of this, users might feel less comfortable sharing in a public forum.

FB Group Rules Examples

Once you have created a Facebook Group, one of the first things you’ll want to do is create some rules. Some FB group rules examples would be:

  • No Spam
  • No Bullying
  • Respect Everyone's Privacy
  • No self-promotion

How to grow a Facebook Group

Once you have created a Facebook group for your business, you will need to know how to grow it efficiently. There are many ways to grow your Facebook group quickly!

Keep Group Posts Trending

You probably already know that community engagement will be a crucial component in the growth of your Facebook group but did you know there are good and bad ways to engage with your members? 

Whenever somebody comments or likes a post in your group, it gets pushed back to the top of the page. The longer it stays at the top of your page, the more impressions it will get and the higher the chances it has of going viral. 

When you manage a Facebook group, it can be tempting to like and reply to all of the comments at once, but this is incredibly ineffective. Instead, you should spread your engagement, liking and responding to a couple of comments at a time; when you do this, your group post will be sent to the top multiple times rather than just once, keeping active for much longer. 

Appreciate Your Audience

Some members will post and engage with your Facebook Group a lot more than others. These very active members are vital to the growth of your group, and you need to keep them on your side! 

When creating a new post, tag these members, promote some of their own content, or give them some exclusive deals/resources that will help them. Taking the time to show appreciation for these members won’t go unnoticed. You will retain your active members for longer and incentivise other users to be more active so they can receive exclusive rewards too!

Spend less time sending group invites

When you start thinking of ways to grow your business’s Facebook group, the first thing that probably comes to mind is inviting more members, but this shouldn’t be your core focus! Once you have a fair few members, your Facebook group should be able to grow without you having to invite anybody, and if it’s not, then something is wrong!

Your core focus should be creating engaging, insightful, and shareable content for your group. When you prioritise this, your members will love your content so much that they want to share your group with their friends!

Invites from friends are far more effective because one is much more likely to join a group suggested by somebody they know and trust as opposed to your business.

When you find that your group isn’t growing without you inviting members, this clearly indicates a disconnect between your audience and the content you produce. You should take some time to understand your demographic, conduct surveys,  and message your members to gain a better understanding of your audience.

Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion is a cost-effective way to grow your Facebook group. Create a list of Facebook groups that target a similar audience and group size. Make sure that the members of these groups would add value to your community. Once you are happy with your list, reach out to the group admins and ask them if they would be interested in a collaboration where you would promote each other’s group! 

Go Live

Facebook’s goal is to keep users active on the platform as long as possible. The more retentive your group content is, the more Facebook will reward you! 

According to Facebook, users spend three times longer watching live videos. Because of this, Facebook prioritises live video content, which means that if you go live on your Facebook group, you will see a significant increase in impressions and, in turn, your growth rate!

You don’t necessarily have to promote your products or services; you could do a live Q&A or webinar.


There is no better incentive for joining a group than getting something for free. Rewarding new members with a giveaway is a sure-fire way to grow your Facebook Group quickly!

When creating a giveaway, ensure the prize is highly relevant to the group so that you attract the right kind of members! Your reward doesn’t necessarily need to be a product; it could be some additional resources like an eBook, a discount code, or even a free consultation.

Once you have a prize in mind that is appropriate for your budget and target demographic, you will need to decide how you will facilitate the giveaway. Many websites and apps can help you create a group giveaway for little to no cost, such as Sweepwidget, Shortstack, and Wishpond.

Don’t Over Post

It is generally accepted that the more often you post, the faster you will grow, but this isn’t true regarding Facebook Groups! Posting too many times a day on your group will likely have an adverse effect.

Every time you create a new post on your group, your members will be notified, and if they are being spammed throughout the day with dozens of group notifications, they will likely switch their notifications off! Once they have switched off notifications for your group, they may forget about it entirely or at the very least not engage as frequently. In addition, if they feel they were spammed, they won’t recommend or invite their friends to your group, which will slow down your growth!

Moderate Your Group

Unlike your business’s Facebook page, your audience can steer your Facebook group's conversation. Although you should enable your audience to voice their thoughts, you still need to moderate your group to ensure that your members abide by your rules. There are several things that you should and shouldn’t moderate.

You should moderate:

  • Content that is not relevant to your group’s audience.
  • External promotions that have not been approved.
  • Disclosure of personal information.
  • Malicious or abusive content.
  • Any form of spam.

You shouldn’t moderate:

  • Honest criticism related to your business.
  • Non-malicious mistakes or inaccurate information by community members that you can correct. 
  • Group members with differing opinions to your business's beliefs. Keep the discussion open and honest!

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