3 Compelling Reasons Why Ignoring Email Marketing Could Be Your Biggest Business Mistake

Many marketers are equally surprised by the overwhelming success of email marketing campaigns. In a digital world obsessed with likes, shares, and hashtags, email remains an underrated yet hugely profitable tool.
Published on
September 14, 2023


It's easy to be swayed by the allure of social media marketing, especially with its relatively high ROI of 250%. However, if you think that's impressive, what would you say to an ROI of 3,600%? Astounded? You're not alone. Many marketers are equally surprised by the overwhelming success of email marketing campaigns. In a digital world obsessed with likes, shares, and hashtags, email remains an underrated yet hugely profitable tool. This article sheds light on three pivotal reasons why email marketing is essential for long-term success in today's marketing landscape.

1. The Power of Personalisation

It's More Than Just a Name

The most significant advantage of email marketing over social media is the depth of personalisation it allows. This extends beyond merely including the recipient's name in the email subject or body. With advanced customer segmentation tools, you can target specific sub-groups of your audience based on their past interactions, preferences, or even buying behaviour.

Laser-Focused Content and Calls to Action

Unlike a social media post that is broadcast to your entire following, email campaigns can be strategically sent to a tailored audience. This makes your content highly relevant, allowing your call-to-action (CTA) elements to be more focused and effective. The result? A higher probability of conversion, making it evident why personalisation is a game-changer.

2. Audience Ownership: Your List, Your Rules

Ownership vs. Rental

While social media platforms give you access to a broad audience, the harsh reality is that you're essentially renting this audience from the platform. Changes in algorithms, advertising costs, or even the platform's terms and conditions can adversely affect your brand's visibility and reach.

Control Over Communication

With email marketing, the list of email addresses you've built belongs to you. You have complete control over who receives your communications and how they receive it. If you're dissatisfied with your email service provider, you can simply move your list to another service, all without losing your hard-earned audience. This element of control translates to significantly lower costs than social media advertising.

3. A Platform of Professionals

Perception Matters

Whereas social media was designed for leisure and entertainment, email is widely regarded as a professional medium. When people open their email accounts, they are generally more receptive to receiving business-related communications, including promotions.

Higher Engagement and Conversion

Recent surveys have indicated that nearly 47% of consumers prefer to interact with businesses via email, compared to a mere 10% who favour social media. This willingness to engage with promotional content in their inbox makes them far more likely to act upon your CTAs, further cementing email's role as a formidable marketing tool.


While social media has its merits, it is not the be-all and end-all solution for digital marketing. Email marketing offers unparalleled personalisation, complete audience ownership, and a professional platform that leads to higher engagement and conversion rates. If these aren't compelling enough reasons to integrate email marketing into your digital strategy, consider the eye-watering ROI it promises—up to £45 for every pound spent in specific industries.

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