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If your business can create amazing videos, you'll see a fantastic return on your investment. In a survey of professional marketers, 88% said they were happy with the ROI from video production.
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March 9, 2023

If your business can create amazing videos, you'll see a fantastic return on your investment. In a survey of professional marketers, 88% said they were happy with the ROI from video production. Just because you are not an experienced marketer doesn’t mean you can’t create killer videos. You can still create exciting, engaging, shareable videos. Here are the five secrets to successful video content.

Don’t Drag Out Your Videos.

Some marketers will tell you that short videos will yield the best results, while others will say that engaging ten-minute videos will perform best. The truth? There is no secret formula when it comes to creating viral videos. 

If you are dragging out your videos, people will get bored and leave the video. If your videos cut out significant facts to keep to a short format, your audience is going elsewhere to find a more informative/helpful video.

The more you focus on beating the algorithm, the less time you focus on the quality of your content and the more potential damage you cause to your social media presence. Your videos should be as long as they have to be to provide all the necessary information without the fluff.

The small things make a difference to your video’s performance

When you start to create video content for your business, you’ll probably spend a lot of time focusing on the main elements of your video. Things like the quality of the script, the topics that you tackle, the editing, etc. These things matter, but you should never forget the little things.

Sometimes, the minor details can put your viewer off watching your content. Sometimes these details can be so small that even the viewer doesn’t know why they have become disinterested. Details like:

  1. Background Noise
  2. Awkward Pauses or Silences
  3. Lighting Issues
  4. Overdoing effects
  5. Shaky Footage 

3.) The first three seconds are critical

According to Facebook, desktop users watch 2.5 seconds of a video on average. If you want to create a viral video, you need people to watch the entire video; you need to grab their attention right away. Start your video with a bang with striking visuals, incredible energy, and shocking facts to keep your audience engaged from the very start.

4.) An unsuccessful video is never a waste of time

No matter how much you read or watch online about creating videos, it is implausible that you will be successful right away. Prepare for failure, disappointment, and a little bit of frustration. 

When you start creating video content, you won’t know who your audience is and what they want to watch. Limited data will mean fewer views and engagement but don’t look at your unsuccessful videos as a waste of time; instead, look at them as valuable research. These videos will tell you what works and what doesn’t.

5.) Quality over Quantity

So you’ve probably heard that the more content you produce, the faster your account will grow? That can be the case, but only when all the content is high quality. An incredibly engaging and high-quality video posted once a week is always far superior to five mediocre videos.

It can be tempting to try to bang out as much content as possible but doing so will put viewers off, and they will likely turn to your competitors for higher quality content.  

If you want to create a viral video, treat every video like it's your last chance at success. Go over every little detail until it is perfect in every way.

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