Why and how to solve Facebook ads not delivering

There is nothing more frustrating than a Facebook ad not delivering. In this article, we uncover why and how to fix this common Facebook issue!‍
Published on
March 9, 2023

When your Facebook ads are active but are not being displayed to your audience, i.e. your not getting any impressions, then your ad is not delivering. Both new and active Facebook campaigns are vulnerable to delivery issues. You should frequently check the “Delivery” column in your ad manager to make sure that your active Facebook campaigns, sets, and ads are delivering because, without impressions, you can’t make sales!

Here are seven reasons why your Facebook ad isn’t delivering and how to fix it!

1.) Your ads haven’t been approved. 

One of the most straightforward reasons your ad isn’t delivering is because Facebook’s review system hasn’t approved it. When you publish or edit your ad, your ad won’t display immediately. Firstly, Facebook reviews your ad and its content to ensure it doesn’t violate any policies or community guidelines. This process usually takes 24 hours but can take longer.

Solution: Just wait for twenty-four to seventy-two hours and see if your ad starts to deliver by itself. If you find that your Facebook is still in review after this time, you can reach out to Facebook’s customer support to try and speed up the review process.

2.) Your Ads are limited.

There are several categories on Facebook that are limited, and these limited categories are much more restricted, carrying additional advertising rules and regulations. Ads that are considered special include:

  • Political ads: Any ad that relates to politics in any way, such as political candidates, referendums, campaigns, and election promotions.
  • Housing ads: Any ad that relates to housing, such as renting and selling opportunities and topics such as home insurance, mortgage loans and home repairs.
  • Employment ads: Any ad that relates to employment, such as employment opportunities, internships, aggregation, and even ads detailing the benefits of working for a company.
  • Credit ads: Any ad that relates to credit anyway, such as mortgages, cars, and personal loans, as well as any ads for credit cards, no matter the context.  
  • Social issue Ads: Any ad that aims to change public opinion on social issues such as highly debated topics, health, and civil rights.  

These are not the only ad categories that Facebook has unique rules for. Suppose you feel your advertising campaign might be in a ‘Special’ ad category and is not listed above. In that case, you should contact their customer support or read Facebook’s advertising policy.

Solution: Any ad that falls under Facebook’s special ad section will have more rules and regulations. If you find that your special advertisement isn’t delivering, you probably aren’t following these additional rules. For example, if you are running an employment campaign, you can target Facebook users of a political age or gender. In addition to complying with all of these rules, you will need to create a special ad category campaign otherwise, your ad be in violation of Facebook’s advertising policy and subsequently won’t deliver.

3.) Quality Ranking

Quality ranking plays a large role in the number of impressions your Facebook ads receive. If your quality ranking is low, you will receive limited impressions, and if you have a very low score, your ads might not deliver to anybody.

Solution: Your Facebook quality score is affected by several factors, but the four key influencers are your ad’s engagement, conversion rate, content quality and relevancy. To improve your quality score, you must follow all of the best Facebook advertising practices. Ensure you are targeting the right audience, your images, videos, and texts are of high quality, and your call-to-actions are enticing and clear. 

4.) Your audience is too small.

When creating a Facebook ad, you want to find a narrow target audience who are the most likely to convert. Still, if your audience is too small, then Facebook might be unable to find anyone to deliver your ads to, or you have a limited reach.

Solution: Broaden your target audience by adjusting your advertising parameters and criteria. 

5.) Ad Fatigue

When the same people see the same advert over and over again, the performance of your ad will drop; this is known as ad fatigue. On certain ad types and singular ads, Facebook will send you an automatic notification/warning when your campaign suffers from “creative fatigue”. You can also manually diagnose ad fatigue by comparing your advertising frequency and cost per result in your ad manager dashboard (if they are both rising together, this indicates ad fatigue).

Solution: The are many ways you could reduce and prevent ad fatigue. You could broaden your target audience, optimise for conversions instead of clicks, refresh your ad creative or set a frequency cap.

6.) Scheduling issues

Another common reason why your ads won't deliver is because of your scheduling issues. Your campaign might be set to start running at a later date, your campaign might have ended, or your campaign, ad, or ad set might have been paused without you realising.

Solution: Check your campaign to ensure that it is still active and that the start and end date are correct. Your ad might also be set to run at a particular time as well, so make sure that this isn’t the cause of your delivery issues.

7.) Your ad is still in the “Learning Phase”

When you publish an ad, it is said to be in the “Learning phase”. The learning phase is a period of time when Facebook still has to learn about your ad. While learning, your campaign’s performance will be unstable. It is easy to determine your ad set is in this phase as in the delivery column.

Solution: The learning phase is unavoidable when launching a campaign on Facebook. However,  reducing the number of ads, avoiding edits during the phase, and setting realistic budgets will help speed up the process.

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